MotoTrainer Ireland

Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to be able to ride a sports bike around one of the world-famous tracks?

Well now you can experience an exhilarating and amazingly real experience on the best Motorcycle Simulator in the world in complete safety, now here in Ireland

MotoTrainer is the best riding and training simulator for motorcyclists. It simulates riding a bike on various circuits throughout the world

Our trainer will ensure you can ride for fun or train in complete safety with this very unique experience

Now available and transportable in Ireland. Ideal for all events, launches and large gatherings

Do something different that will always be remembered by your guests. We are the only company who provides this in Ireland

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MotoTrainer Ireland Motorcycle Simulator

Private/Commercial Rental

For events, product launches and all special gatherings, this best in class motorcycle simulator offers a thrilling, exhilarating and safe experience which is loved by all who try it

MotoTrainer Ireland Motorcycle Simulator

Used by Professional Racers

MotoTrainer Ireland Motorcycle Simulator

Race Track Learning

Racers can use the simulator to train, monitor and improve themselves using the telemetry software. For those who are considering racing, it doesn’t get better than this’ and it’s safe